A collection of single/paired and project based works.

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Set in stone

The fox and the prostitute

The fox and the prostitute is a project about the lives of street sex workers and urban foxes. It began when I was a taxi driver working the night shift, I would see the girls and the foxes on the same streets and they became linked with the night and their survival. The images are genuine encounters and the project has compassionate intention.

The work explores an alternative existence of fragile and vulnerable lives that dwell on the margins of urban civilization. They are chancers that walk together in the shadows, night after night on the same streets, searching for what others want or discard. The fox and the prostitute both live dangerously and are victims to the world that surrounds them.


Their story always begins at dusk.....

In any other city

In any other city is a photographic narrative that explores contemplation and loneliness in city living. Whilst considering communication, technology and the structure of the city, the work moves towards a notion of isolation.  Focusing on a girl as the central figure, the images, often void of other people, reflect a subjective solitary experience. Although apparently peaceful, there is an underlying theme of frustration and the notion that amidst an infrastructure of technology, mass communication and population, an individual can exist more so on the boundaries, rather than in the centre of this modern civilisation.

In any other city, Movie strip 72x9 inches.

This is difficult to view on screen because of the dimensions.
It is the whole project on one long print measuring 72x9 inches including a 2 inch border.

New colour works

Lines, movement, composition and colour. A visual experiment.

Recently I have developed a unique style of adding bold colour to my images. This I feel adds a dynamic form of composition and movement to the work and is a new form of presenting my photography. 

New colour works 2013, 21x14  inches (25x18 with border) C-Type prints, edition of 50 each.

New ways of seeing

Lines, movement, composition and colour. A visual experiment.

Finding the strength

Finding the strength is about living with illness, loss and reflecting on the inner self.

Cars of Argentina

The cars of Argentina, from Buenos Aires to Mendoza and the Andes.